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Uniting women worldwide in candle lighting, prayer, and charity, inspired by the life-work and legacy of Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky. Acting as one body, we magnify the spiritual power of our sacred deeds, bringing light and blessing into the world.

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The Rebbetzin's Legacy

Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky devoted her whole life and being to unite Jewish women from all walks of life in group mitzvos, acts of loving-kindness, and self improvement - strengthening the bonds that tied them to their faith and to each other. When she passed away suddenly, she left behind a void that has yet to be filled—until today. Ner Echad was founded by Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and his family to perpetuate the Rebbetzin's life-work and legacy, bringing light into the world, and immeasurable blessing and protection for Jews around the globe.

Never before in the history of the Jewish people have thousands of women joined together week after week to light Shabbos candles, pray for each other and give charity - as a distinct group. Ner Echad is a colossal force that will certainly generate a wellspring of spiritual and material blessing, and create an enormous protective shield for the entire Jewish nation. "
—Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky