Why I Joined Ner Echad

To Benefit

  • I feel wonderful being part of a worldwide movement comprised of thousands of women doing good together.
  • I enjoy the tremendous benefit and support from a worlwide network of women sharing with each other.
  • My weekly candle-lighting, charity, and prayers as part of a massive group have assumed an entirely new and exciting dimension.
  • By drawing strength from the collective group of women, I, as an individual, am becoming a better person.
  • I take comfort in the knowledge that others have me in their prayers, as I have them in mine.
  • I take comfort in the knowledge that I am contributing my share in creating a protective spiritual shield around the Jewish Nation.
  • I am assured of never forgetting to give tzedakah each week with my candle-lighting.
  • I receive a weekly candle-lighting reminder along with the proper time for lighting in my zip code.
  • I feel accomplished by perpetuating the lifework and legacy of Rebbetzin Batsheva Kanievsky.
  • I feel privileged to do something that Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky requested of me, in memory of his wife.
  • I appreciate the personal prayers and blessings that I receive from Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky.

To Benefit Other
Jewish Women

  • I realize that my participation encourages others to join as well, and this helps create a global grassroots groundswell. 
  • I feel inspired having the opportunity to touch the lives of others by praying each week for a different woman in need.
  • I gain comfort and succor when I am paired up with other women who share my particular personal situation and offer each other encouragement and support.
  • I can locate other women in the Ner Echad network to join me in groups that I am forming to do good deeds in memory of a special person in my life, or to honor someone remarkable.    
  • I value the fact that my 100% of my dollar donation, joined by others, is making a meaningful difference in the lives of impoverished widows and children.        
  • I am able to help other members of Ner Echad by joining them in groups that they are forming to merit a loved one in their family.

To Benefit the
Jewish Nation

  • Together we engage in selfless acts of loving kindness to one another
  • Together we pray with one united voice for the welfare of our sisters around the world. 
  • Together we carry on the sacred traditions of the Jewish Nation, from one generation to the next.
  • Together we amplify the power of our mitzvos and our prayers by doing them simultaneously with thousands of others.
  • Together we bring the warmth and glow of Shabbos and holidays into Jewish homes across the globe.
  • Together we create meaningful connections with Jewish women from all walks of life—from Brooklyn to Bnei Brak, from San Diego to Sydney.
  • Together, through the links that bind us to G-d and the Jewish Nation, we find strength in numbers to weather all storms, overcome all obstacles, and bring light and blessing to the world. 
  • Together, we contribute to the effort to bring Moshiach and the Final Redemption in our days.